Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Projects, projects...

Things are busy, busy, busy. As always! It's a good thing.

On Saturday, I went to the last session in the current 8-week "semester" of Lee Wochner's "Words That Speak" playwriting workshop. I always appreciate Lee's ability to lead a workshop that helps all the participants be their best writing selves -- smart discussion, strong criticism, and lots of support. He has been a great teacher, mentor and friend to me. And I've met so many great people in his workshop. Fabulous writers! I need to write him a letter, an actual put-it-in-the-mailbox-with-a-stamp letter telling him how much he's done for me. Now it's time for me to start putting together readings for our group.

Speaking of fabulous writers I met in Lee's workshop... I went to a reading of Stephanie Walker's The Art of Disappearing last night, at the Blank's Living Room Series. It's a lovely play -- and was well-directed by an Oregon Shakespeare Festival fellow and beautifully acted as well. Stephanie had a full house of supportive people in the audience, and she deserved it. She's a great playwright -- and it doesn't surprise me at all that she's doing great things.

On Sunday, I finished a new draft of the screenplay of Infinite Black Suitcase and sent it off to Jeremy to give to his manager, who apparently packages people for the making of indie films. I have no idea where this will go... but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Another project I have in progress is the Binge. Don't worry -- my eating habits have not gone downhill, suddenly. The Playwrights Binge List is a yahoogroup, started by Boston playwright Patrick Gabridge, where we support each others marketing efforts. Twice a year, we send out a play a day for a month to contests, festivals and theaters, sharing submission opportunities and cheering each other on. It's one of the best lists I'm on -- the rest of the year, we still stay in touch with each other. It's a good time for me, right now, to be pushing hard at marketing my plays, so look out world! March is the month! Two days down and twenty-nine to go...

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