Saturday, July 29, 2017

We're Taking THE GUN SHOW to Edinburgh!

It's been such a busy year, my friends, that I've not even had a chance to breathe, much less blog.  But this latest news can't go without an update.

I'm taking the Portland production of THE GUN SHOW to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2017!  The play was directed by Shawn Lee, assistant directed by Nate Cohen, and features the fantastic Vin Shambry.

We are going with the support of Coho Theater, which supported the fall production of the play and is sticking with us!  We received a wonderful grant from the Oregon Arts Commission and another from the Regional Arts Council Commission, as well as major donations from Ronni Lacroute and Harold Weinstein.  Artists Repertory Theater allowed us to do a major fundraising event in the Morrison on July 1, where we played to a full and supportive house.

I am so excited to be part of this year's fringe festival!  I've heard so much about Edinburgh over the years.  And this is the most wonderful group of theater-makers.

If you or a friend find yourself in Edinburgh in August, come on down to The Space UK and see the show!  And say hello!

Details about THE GUN SHOW at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival can be found HERE!

Vin Shambry and playwright E. M. Lewis at The Gun Show.  A standing ovation at the special fundraiser performance at Artists Repertory Theater on July 1, 2017 -- raising money to take the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!