Thursday, August 2, 2012

More pictures from If I Did This at Flux in NYC

The beautiful choir balcony theater at Judson Memorial Chuch, where Flux Theater Ensemble produced a staged reading of my new play "If I Did This."  Here, the saints in the windows are overseeing tech, as director Pete Boisvert talks with the actors playing Miriam Lawrence and Hal Walker.  Photo by Alisha Spielmann.
I had a great time with Flux Theater Ensemble last week, working with them on a staged reading of my new play "If I Did This" at their Food:Soul event.  A potluck dinner, followed by a reading of a new play, followed by cake.  What could be better than that?

The evening was well-documented by two fantastic Flux photographers.  In a previous post, there were pictures by Ken Glickfeld that really told the story of the play.  I love this new batch by Alisha Spielmann, too!  They are very stylized -- which kind of matches the noirish feeling of the play.  They also make the beautiful location pop -- we were in the choir balcony at Judson Memorial Church, cradle of the off-off-Broadway theater movement.  Her photos capture the beautiful church windows and organ pipes, as well as the drama below.  Check them out here!

Detective Hayden Quinn. 
Editor Brett Martin and mystery writer Hal Walker discuss how his new ghostwriting job is going.
Hal Walker drinks a little.