Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The LA Weekly Awards name Song of Extinction Production of the Year

Wow! From the LA Times article:
"Moving Arts at Inside the Ford’s production of EM Lewis’ “Song of Extinction,” a drama exploring the delicate relationship between an alienated high school biology teacher who carries the burden of being a Cambodian refugee who survived the killing fields and his troubled student, has won the LA Weekly Theater Award for production of the year for 2008. The annual awards were presented Monday night at the El Rey Theatre."
And Darrell Kunitomi, who played the Cambodian biology teacher Khim Phan, won for Best Leading Male Performance.

What an amazing night! We were all amazed. I'm still amazed.

Thanks, LA Weekly people. It means a lot.

Thank you Song of Extinction people. You believed in my little play, and you brought it to life.

More celebrating at Michael's place! Champagne! Friends! I'm so happy for all of us...


jason said...

You rock, babe!!!!

Ginger Ogle said...

At some point, you may have to stop referring to your plays as "little".....Congrats!!!!