Monday, January 11, 2010

Soapstone - 11 JAN 2010

A writing heavy day today, but I did take a walk around the grounds of Soapstone.  Here are some pictures.

I also spotted what I *think* was a Belted Kingfisher out the window.  He swooped in a showy manner down over the creek, making a strident sort of sound, then perched on a near branch.  He had a white belly, and what looked like a white, tufted head.  The field guide to birds on the bookshelf here has not only its usual contents, but also little notes from previous Soapstone residents who have noted when and where they sighted specific kinds of birds.  Belted Kingfishers have apparently been sighted here before...

Big tree fell into the water.

Funny little green ferns.

Trees and stump converge.

Big, pretty lichen.  (Is it a lichen?)

I call this one "FernGate."

Fresh deer scat.

Glass bottle floating in the little streamlet
that feeds into Soapstone Creek.

A Hobbit Tunnel.

Gaping maw of Tree.

Still Life:  Deer Head on Stump with Stick.

Little red berries.

A profusion of Ferns.

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