Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[Inside] the Ford's New Play Series is Coming!

On the list of things I'm looking forward to this year: the New Play Series at [Inside] the Ford. Moving Arts was lucky enough to be part of this last year, for the world premiere of SONG OF EXTINCTION, along with Circle X (who produced BATTLE HYMN) and Ghost Road (who produced HOME SIEGE HOME).

This season includes:
  • TREE -- written by Julie Hebert and directed by Jessica Kubzansky, produced by Ensemble Studio Theater. "Three generations divided by race, culture and time connect when a white Southern woman discovers old love letters leading her to an African-American half-brother."
  • bobrauschenbergamerica -- written by Charles L. Mee, and produced by TheSpyAnts. "A fantastical voyage through the heart of small town America as seen through the eyes of visionary artist Robert Rauschenberg."
  • LASCIVIOUS SOMETHING -- written by Sheila Callahan, and produced by Circle X. "It's 1980 and Reagan has just been elected. On a secluded Greek island, an American ex-pat pursues his passions: wine making and his breathtaking young bride. On the eve of his first tasting, an old lover reappears, and with her, a wild and violent past."
Exciting new plays! I hope to see you at the theater.

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