Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FLIGHT opens Wednesday night...

On Wednesday, October 14th, FLIGHT opens -- an evening of six of my short plays, directed and acted by a bunch of my favorite directors and actors. We've been having a lot of fun putting this together, led by top-notch producer Kim Glann. I hope Los Angeles folks can come check it out!
  • Leonard's Voice, directed by Darin Anthony
  • This Isn't About Love, directed by Michael Shutt
  • Sing Me That Leonard Cohen Song Again, directed by Emilie Beck
  • Reveille, directed by Julie Briggs
  • The Incident Report (a world premiere), directed by Lee Wochner
  • Six Bottles of Heineken After the Silverado, directed by Melissa Thomas/Julie Briggs
Putting together an evening of short plays by a single playwright is an interesting business. One hopes that there will be enough different styles and types of story and sorts of characters to make it a fun night for the audience... It's odd to see what crops up more than once -- love and violence, guilt and responsibility, fear and desire...

Info and tickets can be found at www.movingarts.org. Three nights only!! Come on out and see what we're up to.

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