Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Rockin' Good Time at the EcoDrama Festival!

I've just returned from Eugene, Oregon, where I was attending the "Earth Matters on Stage" EcoDrama Festival. What a wonderful trip! Here are a few pictures.

The poster.

The wonderful Farmer's Market in Eugene -- I listened to music, walked around all the booths, had lunch, saw a woman with a tame skunk, and bought fresh-picked straw- berries to carry with me on my bike ride.

Canadian geese (and goslings).

The Willamette River. I rented a bike and rode on Saturday and Sunday. The path takes you down one side of the river and back the other.

Una Chaudhari (NYU teacher and scholar), C. Denby Swanson (playwright: Atomic Farmgirl) and John Schmor (U of O Theater Department Head).

Una Chaudhari with Rachel Rosenthal, who talked about (and showed clips from) her theatrical activism.

University of Oregon's motto, written on their front gate: Mens agitat molem. The mind moves the masses.

Me in the hot seat, with playwright Jose Cruz Gonzalez moderating, at the talk-back after the first performance of "Song of Extinction" at the EcoDrama Festival.

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