Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Town

The monthly "Our Town" paper -- which covers events and activities from the area in rural Oregon where I'm from -- did a little feature article about me. Home town girl makes good.

It felt very nice to have an article in my hometown paper. My folks have been fielding neighbors' reactions ("So that's where she went!" and "Good on her!" and that sort of thing.)

Growing up in rural Oregon, on a small farm, was really wonderful. We didn't have a lot... but then again, we did. Trees to climb. Space to run around in. A creek to wade in, shrieking when we saw crawdaddies. Berries to pick. Chickens to feed. Grandparents just down the road. Cats to carry around. Books from the local library. A small school where everyone (in all nine grades) knew your name, or at least who your folks were.

I miss it sometimes.

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