Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catching up with the Necessities

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have ended up being catch up days-- trying to get all the little life necessities taken care of so I can concentrate on THEATER.

On Monday, my kind co-worker Holly schlepped down to Lawndale (yes! Lawndale!) with me, so I could leave my little Toyota Tercel with her mechanic during the work day. After twice failing its smog check, I decided that going all the way down there to her long-time, trusted mechanic would be worth the time. It was! Not only did he get my car up to passing, he also replaced some burned out brake lights -- which might be vaguely important. Not too expensive, straight-talking -- I liked him. On Tuesday, I zipped over to AAA on my lunch hour and got my registration tags. (Uncle Harold -- I'm street legal now!! No more red tag on the back window. Yay!) Getting this done is a big weight off my mind.

On Tuesday night, I washed dishes, and did laundry with a little help from Joe. We watched "Law & Order: SVU" while we worked. Joe and I think that Christopher Meloni is a splendidly brooding hunk who makes the dishwashing go much faster.

Tonight, I plan to drop books off at the Santa Monica Library, before they become overdue, then go home and water my garden. The poor plants have been very neglected lately.

A couple other little things on my to-do list for the rest of the week:
  • Contact potential participants for October, November and December War Plays Project events
  • Update War Plays Project website and facebook pages with WPP7 pictures. We got some good ones! Always include actors in your pictures. They are fabulously photogenic.
  • Send WPP pictures to LA Stage Magazine, for possible inclusion in their inside spread of local theater events. Thanks to our associate producer Meropi Peponides for letting me know about this opportunity!
  • Update my web page with upcoming events
  • Send out a fall bulletin to my entire e-mail list about upcoming events
  • Buy ticket to Ashland, for my October trip to the Ashland New Plays Festival
  • Do some submissions that are long overdue
  • Clean out my work satchel(s). I'm starting to look like a bag lady, with everything I carry around.
Well! That's a lot. Enough blogging for now, I've got to get back to work.

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