Sunday, September 14, 2008

Butterflies and Promotion

Last night, Steve Lozier (Moving Arts' managing director) and I went up to the Ford theaters to pass out season brochures and flyers that I designed, Cece reworked and printed up, and Steve brought over to the theater, promoting our play. The folks at the Ford had suggested we come and offered us a table, because they were having a big event -- a Phillipine music concert -- that was sold out in the big 1,241 seat outdoor amphitheater. They thought, and we agreed, that it would be a great place to hand out flyers and promote our show. Not only does the play have a lot to do with music, it also has a main character who is Asian American (which doesn't equal Filipino, but isn't too far away geographically). Steve and I passed out flyers right and left. I think that most people took them because they thought they were getting programs for the evening's event -- but I hoped that once they got back to their seats and were waiting for the music to start, they'd read it anyway, and think that it might be an interesting play to see. Fingers crossed!

I'm drinking coffee this morning, and trying to quiet the butterflies in my stomach. We're having the first read-through of the play today, which is a rather formal event -- playwright, director, actors, producers and tech people all attend, if they can. Everyone introduces themselves and meets each other, often for the first time. The play is read out loud. Maybe the director and maybe the playwright say a little something. I'm nervous, but I'm excited. This is the real beginning of the work we're going to do on my play.


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