Thursday, February 13, 2020

More Devotedly... A Chat with Portland Musician and PodCaster Douglas Detrick About Magellanica and Climate Change

In January, Douglas Detrick came out to the farm to discuss my play Magellanica -- which is about a team of scientists studying the hole in the ozone layer at a research station in Antarctica in 1986, where they confront environmental crisis, geopolitical conflict, and interpersonal struggle. Though not directly about climate change, the play shows that human beings can work together on a global scale to forestall environmental crises. Click the link to give it a listen!

"That’s the real question this now in which we find ourselves—this divided, polarized moment of anger and division and fear-mongering by a lot of people at the top—is that question of empathy. Do we want to put up a wall, beyond which we don’t care? Or do we say no, those are people like us, connected to us, living on the same small blue planet as us, and that we’re in it together?" ~E. M. Lewis

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