Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finished a draft of a new full-length play!

I had a wonderful weekend at Passage Theater in Trenton, workshopping the new play that I have JUST finished -- a five-character murder mystery called "If I Did This."  A big thank you to Passage for organizing this wonderful event, in which eight members of our playwriting workshop were able to work with directors and actors from New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia -- more than sixty theater artists in all!  Thank you, also, to my friend David Hilder for his dramaturgy and directing, and to my wonderful cast:
  • Chad Hoepner, as mystery novelist Hal Walker
  • Kathryn Markey, as senior editor Brett Martin
  • David Crommett, as real estate agent (and acquitted murderer) Donnie Lawrence
  • Brielle Silvestri, as Donnie's teenage daughter, Miriam Lawrence
  • Nedra McClyde, as detective Hayden Quinn
Now...  delving into the rewrites!

Passage Theater Playwrights Lab Retreat! 
David Hilder, directing our merry little band of actors.
Characters, from left to right:  Brett, Hayden, Hal, Donnie, Miriam.
Characters at the music stands:  Brett, Hal, Donnie.

If I Did This
90 minutes
Five Characters:  2 Men / 1 Woman / 2 characters that can be played by either men or women (all any race)

Grieving mystery novelist Hal Walker has been sent by his editor, Brett Martin, to the home of Donnie Lawrence -- infamously acquitted in the murder of his wife.  But Hal didn't anticipate the presence of Donnie's teenage daughter, Miriam, nor the emotional undertow that his own wife's death creates as he attempts to ghostwrite Donnie's book "My Story."

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