Monday, February 20, 2012

Big News! $10,000 Fellowship from the NJ Arts Council!

The big news this month is that I'm the lucky recipient of a $10,000 Fellowship in Playwriting from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.  I drove up to Summit, NJ a few weeks ago to accept the award, along with other recipients in five categories, at their Annual Artists Roundtable.  Twenty-two artists were selected from more than 300 applicants in the categories of crafts, sculpture, photography, playwriting and poetry.

Front row, from left to right: Ben Marshall (playwriting), E M Lewis (playwriting), Thea Clark (crafts), Joanne Hoersch (playwriting), Erin Endicott (crafts), Catherine Doty (poetry).  Back row, from left to right: Frank Tribble (of Mancenido Tribble, photography), Douglas Ensel (photography), Jackie Clark (poetry), Sheri Lynn Behr (photography), Riccardo Berlingeri (sculpture), Anne Dushanko Dobek (sculpture), Deb Margolin (playwriting), Mihaela Moscaliuc (poetry), Michael Waters (poetry), Won Ju Seo (crafts)
The money will help me make it through the rest of the year -- which is rapidly filling itself with a wonderful array of productions, publications and teaching gigs.  Thank you, New Jersey, for helping me to be a full-time playwright for a little longer!!

A nice article about local playwriting recipients in the Star-Ledger.


Mel said...

Congratulations! It's so great that you've been able to continue writing full time.

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Peter James Smith said...

I'm sure I said, "Hooray!" on facebook...but I'm saying it again here. It is totally double-hooray news. -PJS-