Saturday, July 30, 2011

Paris, Day 6 -- Ellen vs. the Arthur Martin Electrolux Washing Machine

If you're going to be somewhere for three weeks, you're going to need to figure out how to wash your clothes.

After grocery shopping at the Monoprix, I took a lovely walkabout this afternoon -- a left at the Seine, along the river to the Jardin des Plantes, then up the Saint Martin Canal a bit and back the other side of the Seine.  Everyone was out at the Paris Plage -- the temporary "seaside" that the city creates each summer on the banks of the Seine.  It had seemed like a weird notion when I read about it, but it's really quite wonderful.  There's sand, and lounge chairs, and water features, and games and activities for kids, and beer and wine for sale to the grown-ups.  It's Saturday, and gorgeous out, so people were there in droves.  Music played, boats sailed by, people danced.  It really is kind of magic here.

Dancing lessons draw a crowd.
Jardin des Plantes.  Another big park.  But it was closing just as I arrived, so I'm going to have to go back another day.  There's a zoo here.  I saw an ostrich through the fence!
St. Martin Canal.  Where the small boats dock, apparently.
When you find yourself at the Paris Plage on the Seine at sunset... buy yourself a beer and watch the water for a while.  I recommend it.  Is beer higher octane here, though?  My cup packed a punch...
I came back via Rue Saint Martin, and ordered a pita sort of thing from a little Lebanese place.  They had a window open to the street, and a curved metal grill, like the top of a globe, upon which they were cooking up pitas, then filling them with good things.  I'd tell you what I ordered if I knew.  But it was tasty!

But when I got home, I did have to finish my chores.  So I opened up the somewhat mysterious Arthur Martin Electrolux washing machine that sits in the kitchen, between the sink and the stove.  Madame had demonstrated how to use it.  Open the top.  Open the metal clothes bin inside.  Set it to number 7.  Then after that runs its course, set it to the little squiggly thing, and let that run its course.  (I believe, because of the terrible noise it made and how it shook, that the little squiggly thing means squeeze out the water and drain.)

The Machine.
Inside the Machine.
Pepito wonders if I am going to be able to make it go.
The secret compartment.  Press the silver button to release the inner doors.  But watch your fingers...
Dry fast, towels!  I have socks to wash tomorrow...
There is no dryer, so now the towels and extra sheets are draped all over the bathroom and kitchen to dry.  If I do another load tomorrow, I'll be able to decorate the back of the rest of the chairs in the house with socks and undies....

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