Friday, July 17, 2009

Pictures from Heads in Chicago

Heads in the Alcyone Festival 2009, produced by Halcyon Theater, in Chicago, IL.

In "Heads," a British embassy worker, an American engineer, a newscaster and a photojournalist are taken hostage in Iraq. What they find out about each other and about themselves is the focus of the play, which was first produced in Los Angeles, CA at the Blank Theater (Best of 2007 -- LA Times), in Chicago, IL and this fall in Denver, CO.

Harold Wolfe takes off the tape. Caroline Conway figures out she's in the shit.

Photojournalist Jack Velazquez meets journalist Michael Apres,
from the Hartford evening news, who does not yet have dust
on his combat boots..

He likes Bob Dylan songs, she is a little bit in love with Elton John.

"What did they ask you? You have to tell me!"

"Are you cold?"

That didn't go so well.

"I want you to hold me tonight."

"I'm going to do something, Michael."


HELP is gone.

Begin again?

**Photos by Adam Dodds.

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