Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend to see Halcyon Theater's production of "Heads" in the Alcyone Festival 2009. It was a lovely visit. I'd never been to Chicago before, so it was great to check out the city -- from ferris wheel rides and Garrett's "Chicago mix" popcorn on Navy Pier to crazy (crazy!) illegal fireworks in the park to the Art Institute of Chicago. I needed more days to explore!

Attending the festival was great fun. I met Artistic Director Tony Adams and his wife, my director, Jess Hutchinson, and my actors. The festival was held over six weeks, in a theater in the basement of a church. Not only did I get to see my play, but also "Fucking Parasites," by Swedish playwright Ninna Tersman. I loved it! A wonderful two-hander about two teenagers in limbo in an immigrant detention center. Great to meet all the passionate folks involved with making this festival happen -- productions of six plays on the subject of terrorism, all written by women. Thanks so much for including my little play in the mix, Tony!

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