Friday, April 10, 2009

Mira's List - Money for Writers

How do you make a living as a writer?

Most of us seem to quilt together money from day jobs and productions and temp jobs and awards and teaching gigs and workshops. Some of us shack up with agreeable non-artists. Very few of us find patrons of the old-fashioned variety, but when we want to make it work, we do.

I've always loved the story that Stephen King tells, about when he was young and had a young family, and they were poor and living in a tiny trailer house, and he was teaching, and the baby was crying, and he'd go out and sit in the car with his typewriter in his lap and write. It's never a case of "What's stopping you?" It's always a case of "everything is stopping you," and are you going to keep going anyway? Are you? Are you?

I want to.

I'm going to.

Go here to find a great blog detailing grant and residency resources for writers. And keep writing!


mirabee said...

Thanks for telling people about my blog. For some reason, I never thought about anyone doing that. Duh! Anyway---thank ye kindly! Mira from Mira's List

EM Lewis said...

Thank you for your blog, Mira! I was glad to find such a helpful resource for writers (and other creative folks).