Thursday, April 30, 2009


Interesting article in Salon about our powers of concentration (or actually the lack thereof). Good to think about, in this decade of distraction. I blog, I facebook, I e-mail, I answer the telephone -- but does all that actually help me get anything done? Am I completing my goals? Do I *have* goals, or am I too busy changing my facebook status?

I wrote a car play the other night (yes, the Car Plays are coming to Moving Arts again!). I wrote it Saturday night, it took me several hours, and I wrote it longhand. It felt great. And I think writing it longhand helped me to tune out all the usual distractions. I often go back and forth between writing longhand and writing on my computer, but hadn't really thought much about why.

Walden, anyone? (It's looking better and better to me all the time.)

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