Tuesday, February 3, 2009

O Distraction!

Trouble focusing lately. I have many, many things to do, and find myself... not doing them. I'm not even focused enough to write a "to-do" list of the things I'm not doing. What is this new year's lethargy about? I did nothing but sleep over the holidays. And I've not been too busy since. Got to get it into gear in the new year!!!

Spent the weekend in San Diego with Aunt Lori and Uncle Harold, and my brother Jason, who is driving across the country from his old home in Washington, DC to his new home in Washington State. We had lots of fun. One fun thing we did was try out absinthe, which is now legal (you'll be glad to know), but that I'd never tried before. Made me feel like Hemingway. Has a licorice taste to it, and it's very strong. Hail, the green fairy!

Joe was very glad when I got home, and told me never to leave again. He got right into my overnight bag as a preventative measure.
stairs only

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