Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Librettist EM Lewis and Composer Clarice Assad are Arizona Bold!

I am pleased to announce that composer Clarice Assad and I are semi-finalists for Arizona Opera's exciting new "Arizona Bold!" program, which is inspiring new operas about the history of the state.

Our project is entitled "The Crossing," and it's about the creation of the Roosevelt Dam.  With a diverse cast of stubborn desert farmers, Apache builders, Italian stone masons, the research for this one is proving to be great fun.  President Theodore Roosevelt is a major character!  Just wait until you hear what Clarice and I come up with.  This is a story about nothing less than Building America.  As with any history story, it's as much about what's happening now as about what was happening then.  Stay tuned!  We're working on this through the summer, and hope that our project will move forward in August, but the competition is fierce.

More information on the Arizona Bold project and the semi-finalists for it can be found here.

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