Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Waiting for the Skell" goes to three summer festivals!

One of my new short plays is getting a lot of play this summer.  "Waiting for the Skell" is about a lesbian cop, Terry, and her straight male partner, Pete; on a stake-out, Terry tells Pete about something that is going to affect their relationship, and she's not sure how he's going to take it.

"Waiting for the Skell" is a sequel to my play "Partners," a short comic piece in which Terry brings her work partner, Pete, home to meet her life partner, Val.  "Partners" has been produced a number of times; "Waiting for the Skell" is pretty new, and just had its first production in the Briefs Festival in St. Louis.  (It was very cool, actually -- they did "Partners" in their festival in 2012, and then used the same director and cast when they did "Skell" in 2013.)

Now the play is headed to three new festivals -- Ringwald Theatre's Gay Play Festival in Detroit, Buffalo United Artists' BUA Takes Ten in Buffalo, and LGBTQ Shorts at Georgia State University in Atlanta.  BUA is actually doing *both* Partners and Skell, which is fun.  I'm sending my best wishes to all three productions, and hope they'll send me pictures of all the Terrys and all the Petes.  I love these characters!  They make me laugh.

June 22-24
Gay Play Festival
Ringwald Theater
Detroit, MI

June 22-July 13
BUA Takes Ten
Buffalo United Artists
Buffalo, NY

July 25-28
LGBTQ Shorts
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA

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