Monday, July 30, 2012

Some pictures from (and news about) "If I Did This"

Donnie Lawrence lays down the law for ghostwriter Hal Walker.  Photo by Ken Glickfeld.
The reading of "If I Did This" at Judson Church, produced by Flux Theater Ensemble, went very well! What a warm and friendly thing they've created in their "Food:Soul" series -- a potluck, followed by a reading of a new play.  I haven't known the Flux folks for very long, but I felt welcomed into their theater family on Friday night.

For artistic director August Schulenberg's write-up of the evening's festivities, go here.

A thank you to Ken Glickfeld for the lovely pictures!  And a big thank you to my director and cast.  We had four rehearsals over two weeks, in which I was able to work with them closely, write new scenes and edit existing ones, and see what this new play is made of.  I'm so happy to be a playwright!  The work is such great fun.

Some happy news arrived in the mail today, regarding the play -- it is a semi-finalist for this year's Princess Grace Award!  And that was before the new edits...

Editor Brett Martin worries about her wayward writer.  Photo by Ken Glickfeld.
Detective Hayden Quinn has a few questions for Hal Walker.  Photo by Ken Glickfeld.
Hal and Miriam try to figure out what really happened.  Photo by Ken Glickfeld.
Hayden interrogates Donnie.  Photo by Ken Glickfeld.
Donnie comforts his daughter, Miriam.  Photo by Ken Glickfeld.
  Time shifts.  Photo by Ken Glickfeld.

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