Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Night, and the Trip Home

Bout de Zan and Pepito help me pack.

The Mysterious Case of the Incident in the Alley.

*Packing.  Cleaning.  Screams in the alley -- which turned out to be someone filming a movie.

*Looking over the apartment with Madame.

Saying au revoir to Bout de Zan and Pepito.

*Catching the plane.

The Peruvian Village in my plane.

*There is a Peruvian Village in the back of the plane.  No, really.  An entire Peruvian Village!  And they're sitting in my seat.

I'm tired, from the staying up and cleaning, and the rape and pillage in the alley, and madame, and then getting to the airport on time.  Too tired to try to figure out what to do about the Peruvians in my seat.  But luckily, their spokesman comes over and calls up a flight attendant, which results in me getting my seat switched from a middle seat in the back to a window seat in the middle, with an empty seat between me and the other gal (who was also displaced by the Peruvians).  Lucky us, in an otherwise full plane!

I drift off, dreaming about why the Peruvian village is flying from Paris to New Jersey.

Home again, home again.

Home again, to my own sweet baby Joe.

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