Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hot off the press: "The War Museum" goes to NYC!

Since I moved to Princeton, I've been trying to get to know the theatermakers in New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia.  One group I've connected with is the fantastic Passage Theater in Trenton, NJ.  Another is Flux Theater in New York City.  

A few days ago, the folks at Flux asked if I'd like to write a new short play for their "ForePlay" Reading Series -- plays written by ensemble members and friends to riff upon and support the mainstage show that is now in production.  Even though I'm in Chicago at the moment for the opening of "Strong Voice," I said yes.  Of course I said yes!  I'm so pleased to have the chance to play!  

If you're in New York City on Sunday, June 12 -- I hope you'll pop over and see the readings.  They should be lots of fun.  I rather like my little contribution!

THE WAR MUSEUM, by EM Lewis:  2,000 years from now.  This is the moment when everything changes.  Vennah's looking for Meller.  Meller's looking for answers.  In the War Museum.


Sunday, June 12 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Flamboyan Theatre at CSV Cultural & Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street

Join us on June 12 for ForePlay #2, New World Iliads: Afghanistan

Featuring four short plays by Aja Houston, EM Lewis, Mac Rogers, and Isaiah Tanenbaum

Directed by Jordana Williams

Featuring: Carissa Cordes, Ken Glickfeld, Lynn Kenny, Rob Maitner, Debargo Sanyal, and Kathleen Wise



Join us for the second evening of ForePlay, our exploratory play reading series where playwrights riff on the themes of our mainstage production,

New World Iliads will take place on three nights with each night treating a contemporary war from a mythic perspective. In the same way that Ajax in Iraq re-imagines a war from thousands of years ago, New World Iliads will imagine what our contemporary wars may look like from the same distance: the gods, the heroes and villains; what details will be erased by time and what will remain? How will the art inspired by today's conflicts inform the myths of tomorrow?

That art is provided by Carrier Pigeon: Illustrated Fiction and Fine Art.

How it works: Carrier Pigeon has provided us with artwork for twelve collaborating playwrights use as source material.

We are excited that this second ForePlay will be inspired by art from Kristy Caldwell, the illustrator of our Season 4 postcards!

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