Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Little Article about Agents in "The Dramatist"

The March/April 2011 issue of "The Dramatist" -- the Journal of the Dramatist Guild of America -- is all about agents.  "The Agents Issue" is an appropriate moniker, as the question of whether or not you need an agent to be a successful playwright in today's world is one that comes up regularly.

From "Agent Free" in the Mar/Apr 2011 issue of The Dramatist.
Writing from the "Agent Free" perspective, dramatists who are "surviving, even thriving without an agent."
  • Margaret Baldwin
  • Evan Guilford-Blake
  • EM Lewis
  • Matthew Bennett
  • Jeanne Drennan
  • Topher Payne
  • Valetta Anderson
"Starting Out" offers "personal tales from established dramatists about how they first signed with an agent... or came close to."
  • Michael Korie
  • Doug Wright
  • Micki Grant
  • Susan Birkenhead
  • Tina Howe
  • Craig Carnelia
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