Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Check out "The Chimes" in NYC

If you're searching about for something cool to do in New York City in July, check out "The Chimes" at SPF, written by Kevin Christopher Snipes. More info here.

"In The Chimes, Nicholas Ross returns to his boarding school still haunted by the decisions he made forty years ago. As the past overtakes the present, the play flashes back to four young friends drawn together by their knack for Shakespeare and torn apart by the onset of World War II."

I looked Kevin up after seeing a production of his wonderful short play "Party Lights" at the Secret Rose Theater in North Hollywood, on the same bill as me for their annual 10-minute play festival. It was just the kind of writing I like -- subtle, but strong, and roomy (by which I mean he gives the actors room to breathe in their roles).

I wish I was closer to New York, so I could see this presentation of "The Chimes." SPF is tough to get into, and I like this play a lot. The back and forth in time, people haunted by their past, literary banter... good stuff! Check it out, New Yorkers.

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